Catholic Families Associations started in 1989, in different dioceses of Poland. In 1993 they formed Polish Federation of Catholic Families Associations. All associations and Federation are registered and legally bonded based on the country and the church regulations. They are recognized by bishops in dioceses and are supported by designated Church Assistants.

Inspiration to create formal organizations gathering catholic families was solemn promotion of the Charter of the Family Rights, issued by the Holy See, and directives to support the families in their role described by the Catholic Church (particularly in Humane vitae). Some of them are:

  • Support the marriage as institution
  • Create the conditions to support the needs of the families in their mission for the society
  • Incorporate the Catholic Church Teaching into the families? life and society life

The associations? activities are oriented in two main streams:

  •  Formation, that is constant self-development through the permanent education, exploration of the Catholic Church Teaching, discussions meetings, symposiums, study of the Catholic Church documents etc.
  • Active involvement in social and economical life, first of all on the ground of the association?s activity and through the Federation ? on the ground of the whole country.

The basic organization units of the Diocese Catholic Families Association are Parish Circles.

The Parish Circles of the Association are involved in:

  • Maintaining parish centers, catholic children day care centers, schools, post-school activities ? also for handicapped, marriage counseling, including natural family planning
  • Helping families in difficult conditions
  • Organizing meetings, symposiums to expand knowledge and deepened the faith
  • Defending publicly the issues of the family rights and values, the role of the family in the development of the up-rising of the new generation in the respect of the catholic values

 Constantly more members of the catholic families associations actively participate in social and economy life of the nation by running for local governments or Parliament.

 For full and accurate realization of the above program, associations in 1993 formed Polish Federation of Catholic Families Associations. Its main goal is representation of the catholic families towards the political, social and economy institutions at government level and publicly, and also involvement concerning rights and regulations pertaining to the family situation.

The main directions of the Federation are:

  • Creation of the positive attitude towards the institution of marriage and family.
  • Pro-life activity: protection of the life, health and environment.
  • Defending rights, values and dignity of the families.
  • Striving for the realization of the pro-family policy in social and economy life.
  • Supporting families in their parental duties.
  • Advocating the general acceptant for the Charter of the Family Rights by the Holy.

See and respect to its values by the all authorities

      Every one who is of age, guarantee realization of association?s goals and shows right, according to Catholic Church Teaching moral attitudes in personal and public life can be a member of the association. There is diocesan association
that admits new members.